Production Design for American Girl Baking by Weldon Owen
This was the first in the series of cookbooks for girls. I laid out text and chose images to use for the page layouts after receiving templates from a remote designer and art direction for the look and feel from the design director. I also helped color correct photos, created mockups for the the client, added a UV gloss to the cover, and checked for typographical accuracy throughout the book. Then, I worked with the printer to make sure the book would print correctly.  (image from Williams-Sonoma)
Bake! The Quick-Look Cookbook by Weldon Owen
This book was translated into English so my work to make sure that the new text fit into all the colored text boxes properly. We also added a spot gloss and deboss to the cover. I also found and corrected the illustrations where there were vector drawing errors. This was a big undertaking as every page had dozens of little vector drawings.
Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit by Weldon owen
I took over the production duties for this book at the final stage. My work was place high res art files, stylize the 80,000 word bibliography (thank goodness for the GREP functionality in InDesign, and then work with the printer to make sure all of the hundreds of photos would print with the correct colors and without any artifacts. A massive tome and a labor of love by the author, I did my part to make his dream of completing this book a reality. (image from 
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